vLab: The Virtual Internet Laboratory

Home of the vLab (this site): https://vlab.ilabxp.com/

Networking experiments are exciting. However, they are typically resource and thereby cost-intense. You need many machines to setup a network that shows you the mechanisms and enables useful measurements.

We created the solution to this problem, a Virtual Internet Laboratory, the vLab. The vLab runs within a Virtual Box container and therein within the CORE network emulator. It enables you to graphically draw your network. The clue is that you can afterwards use all machines on your picture as real Linux computers. This enables you to run real larger scale network settings on your own computer!

The vLab was developed for and is used in our MOOC about the Internet: iLabX – The Internet Masterclass. We also use it in our TUM on-site lab courses.

You can use the vLab for your networking classes and personal experiments too! Just drop us and email at vlab at ilabxp.com so that we can share the good news with the world. Enjoy the vLab!

Go to the menu item “vLab” on top to get more info and download the vLab, getting started, and more.