iLab experience?

The iLab series is a set of lab courses typically related to teaching Computer Networks and Distributed Sytems knowledge to university students. The series and especially the didactical concept behind it is continuously developed by Marc-Oliver Pahl since 2003. Wonderful people joint him for different aspects of this work.

All courses in the iLab series follow the teaching methodology published in the IEEE Communications Magazine. The teaching concept is backed by a specifically developed free and open source eLearning system, the labsystem.

The triple of lecture, theoretical preparation, and practical hands-on creates the iLab experience (iLabXP). The iLab experience results in very good learning results as we continuously see in our exams.

Since 2004 significantly more than 2000 students participated in one or multiple iLab courses. It is therefore a very relevant contribution to the networking education!

The iLab series currently consists of: