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Autumn highlight: “IoT meets Security” PhD School!

The 3rd Future-IoT PhD School was a huge success! We had very interesting keynotes, poster presentations and discussions around this year’s topic “IoT meets Security”. Our industrial partners gave exclusive insights to their workflows, challenges and plans for the future. If you missed one of them, we are happy to announce that we recorded all for you on YouTube. Just click one of the following links to get started.

End-to-End security for IoT constrained devices, Paul Emmanuel Brun (Airbus)

Presentation IoT Lab – Guillaume Schreiner (University of Strasbourg)

Culture of Innovation and working backwards process – Asinetta Serban (Amazon Web Services)

Security for IoT and OT – An Industrial Perspective – Oliver Pfaff (Siemens)

Visit for more information and a detailed report.

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