iLabXP – The iLab Experience

Learning how Networked and Distributed Systems work!

You want to know how the Internet actually works?

Do you think, you can build the Internet in 6 weeks? Yes you can! You can set it up right at home – on your own machine!

Over the past 3 years we created “iLabX – The Internet Masterclass”, a free course on the edX platform:

You will build your own Internet part in 5 realistic hands-on scenarios – not in an emulator but live with the tools used by professional network administrators.
The learning experience comprises more than 190 Videos, also featuring one father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, a Computer History Museum visit, more than 120 interactive quizzes, …

If the Internet breaks one day, the world can rely on you to fix it with your knowledge from the course.

Enroll today and become an Internet Master tomorrow! Join our almost 2000 excited course graduates:

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