Finally edX users find us under “Computer Networking”

How did you find the iLabX course on edX? Early August 2020, I was attending the wonderful SigComm 2020 education workshop organized by Matt Caesar and Jim Kurose (yes, the Kurose/ Ross networking book co-author). There we talked a lot about remote-teaching under the COVID-19 pandemic. I also published an article about our experiences with…

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The 5+ Layers of the Internet

The vLab network model

Historically two major layered network architectures emerged as reference models known today: The ISO/OSI and the TCP/IP models. The TCP/IP model was the first approach to structure network communication using 4 different layers. The ISO/OSI model followed later, offering a even more detailed model with 7 different layers. For the iLabX – The Internet Masterclass…

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