What to do over the holidays?

It is holiday season! Are you interested in an exiting activity? Did you ever wonder what happens when you type Google into Google?

In the iLabX, we explain all the steps in detail. You will not only learn how the globe girdling Internet works – you will even set it up yourself!

After our six parts of 4-6h each, you will have built your own Internet on your computer, and we will even tell you how to make it become part of the big Internet.

The perfect holiday activity: iLabX – the Internet masterclass.

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Marc-Oliver Pahl

Head of the Smart Space IoT Research Team at Technical University of Munich
Marc-Oliver Pahl is an eLearning pioneer. He started with his own eLearning system (https://github.com/m-o-p/labsystem) already back in 2004.

Marc-Oliver developed one of the most relevant lab courses about Computer Networks and Distributed systems in Germany, the iLab series. Since 2004 the iLabs taught more than 2000 students at 4 universities on 2 continents about the Internet and related systems.
Marc-Oliver Pahl

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